Zazby’s Buffalo Chicken Fingers Review

zaxbys buffalo fingers

I like Zaxby’s style. They are a fast food chicken restaurant chain that is sort of caught between fast food and fast casual. Their meals are platters, not simply combos. And as platters go, the portion sizes at Zaxby’s are on the generous side. This particular meal gives you crinkle-cut french fries, coleslaw, a slice of Texas toast, and a beverage along with five Buffalo fingers. As an aside, I think there must be some sort of rule that if you call them “fingers” you get five but if you want to serve more, or fewer, you need to call them strips or something other than fingers. At least, that’s been my observation.

zaxbys buffalo fingers

The fingers themselves were a bit scrawny. They were drenched in wing sauce which is always a good thing but I was expecting them to be a bit more meaty than what is pictured above. You can pretty much tell how skinny these fingers were as they sit side-by-side with the fries. Nevertheless, the entire platter makes for a filling lunch and I found all the separate items complemented one another.

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