Chicken Menu Reviews



Zaxby’s is a regional fast food chicken chain with over 500 stores in 11 states.  Founded in Georgia in 1990, Zaxby’s focuses on fresh chicken items (grilled and fried).


I enjoyed my visit to Zaxby’s.  The staff was friendly and the food was served hot.  The menu entirely made up of chicken items, with a focus on chicken breast sandwiches, wings and strips.  I opted for the Cajun Club, a hearty meal with a large white meat breast, bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo on a sturdy bun.  The “basket” I ordered came with crinkle fries, a welcome sight.  The soda fountain even had crushed ice, my favorite kind.


Next time you find yourself in the south and are hankerin’ for a quick chicken snack, bypass that other southern chicken juggernaut and try this down home fast food treat.

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