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Zaxby’s Chicken With Kick


On a recent trip to Atlanta I went back to the chain that likes to say they are better than Chick-fil-A.  Zaxby’s is a sort of hodge podge of chicken items, with an emphasis on wings but also a pretty good Cajun chicken and chicken club sandwich.  Oh, and they have crinkle cut fries which never hurt anyone.  I’ve reviewed them before and you can read that here.

On this trip, however, I decided to have the base chicken sandwich but add some punch by subbing wing sauce for they standard honey mustard.  Here’s what I got:



This one came with Zaxby’s “signature Tongue Torch” sauce.  Not that hot, but a little kick which is what I was looking for.  Coupled with a cool slice of lettuce and a side of cole slaw, this was a fine quick and different meal.  Frankly, I am surprised this is not on the menu.  It combines everything Zaxby’s stands for in one sandwich, but they can go ahead and name it after me if they want.

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