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Author Recommends: Chili Cheese Dog

Many of the red (now yellow) A-framed restaurants that were original Wienerschnitzel restaurants are now home to another Southern California success story, Tommy’s. However, although they both sell chili dogs and chili burgers, you need to keep both Wienerschnitzel and Tommy’s separate.

I’d wager that the fries at Wienerschnitzel are some of the best of any Southern California chain. Like McDonald’s, these fries are great straight out of the bag.

If you are feeling health conscious and find yourself at Wienerschnitzel, the first thing you should probably ask yourself is “Why am I at a hot dog place if I am feeling health conscious?” Getting this initial conundrum out of the way, you can always order an all-beef hot dog or even a Healthy Choice wiener. This will at least make you feel better about eating that delicious chili dog and may even help you justify the melted cheese you spontaneously added to your order. -RB

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