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What do you do with leftover onions and cheese?

mcdonalds cheddar onion

What do you do with leftover grilled onions and cheddar cheese?  Well, if you’re McDonald’s, you slap ’em on a regular hamburger and sell the resulting sandwich for a buck.  Introducing the Grilled Onion Cheddar burger, a new entry on the Dollar Menu.

mcdonalds grilled onion and cheddar

mcdonalds grilled onion and cheddar

Taking a cue from Taco Bell (the kings at repurposing ingredients), the Arches took what was great about the limited time CBO (which we here at Fast Food Source loved, by the way), and will let the taste linger with some unique toppings on an old standby.  While I would prefer to see the CBO, and particularly the Chicken CBO, become a permanent menu item, I am glad to see this on the Dollar Menu.  It’s an especially welcome value when you consider that the basic burger is 89 cents.  For 11 cents more you get a mini specialty sandwich.

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