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Wendy’s New Fries – Change is Surprisingly Good

More than once, I have lamented the passing of classic, old school french fries swapped out in the prime of life for flashy new fries with unnecessary seasoning bells and whistles.  Still, encouraged by Jack In the Box’s changed fry earlier this year, I gave Wendy’s the benefit of the doubt in trying out their new Natural-Cut Fries with Sea Salt.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

Wendy’s did not abandon the ideal that a french fry should taste like a potato.  Instead, they appear to be willing to let the potatoes speak for themselves.  The sea salt coating is generous, and being a prominent part of the name it shouldn’t be a surprise that these fries are saltier than the old version.  In fact, a quick comparison of the nutrition information on the Wendy’s website with the data for the old fries found at shows that a medium order of the new fries have 500mg of sodium vs the old fries’ 340mg.  They also have more calories (420 vs 390) and more fat (20g vs 17g).

But Fast Food Source is not a nutrition site.  We are a fast food fan site.  So taste matters.  Wendy’s new fries are a worthy addition and, in our opinion, the best of the “new” fry offerings.

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