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Wendy’s Drink Refills Catch Up With The Rest of The (Fast Food) World


I was pleasantly surprised to find a few improvements during my latest trip to my local Wendy’s.  First off, they installed new digital signage for the menu boards.  Very slick looking and attractive, although some of the rapidly-changing animations were a bit distracting.

But the best change took a few seconds to register in my brain.  When I ordered my soft drink, the cashier put an empty cup on my tray.  Wait a minute – you mean I get to pour my own soda like all the other chains?  Great.

It’s funny how fast we can get used to a thing like pouring our own drinks.  Obviously it is a labor saving benefit for the chain.  But for the Wendy’s guest who had to stand to the side and wait for a cashier to find a gap between customers to get a refill, self-service is a welcome change.

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