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Wendy’s New Store Look Has Appeal


It seems all the fast food restaurants are upgrading the look of their newer stores and refreshing older ones. Similar to last year’s revamp of Burger King, this Wendy’s in Maitland, Florida is all new. Brand, spankin’ new.

In a welcome design change, Wendy’s has abandoned their tight queue and one-counter-for-everything approach in favor of an L-shaped layout that has new patrons line up along one side to order, then make a 90-degree turn and wait to pick up their order at a second counter. The layout removes the congestion during the lunch rush.



Also gone, thankfully, is the obnoxious soft drink dispenser that stands in the middle of so many of the legacy Wendy’s restaurants. This causes further bottlenecks as guests must queue for refills among those placing new orders and those awaiting their completed meals. That crowded chaos is nowhere to be seen in the new design, as Wendy’s as embraced the popular Coke kiosks that are getting good reviews at other fast food chains.

The rest of the design is clean and contemporary. Lots of wood accents and a neutral color palette round out the design. This particular location had another finishing touch – a gas fireplace. Not necessary, but a nice detail.

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