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Wendy’s BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad Review

wendys bbq chicken ranch salad

The BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad at Wendy’s is a new premium fast food entree that really is premium.  Joining its cousin, the Asian Cashew Chicken Salad, the BBQ Ranch salad arrives packed with all the ingredients for a complete and satisfying meal.

wendys bbq chicken ranch salad

The salad arrives in a standard Wendy’s plastic salad container with dressing on the side.  The salad is generous enough for two.  In fact, my wife and I split this salad for lunch and didn’t feel slighted.  If you are alone or not that hungry, there is a half-sized version as well.

wendys bbq chicken ranch salad

Look at that salad.  Picture-perfect.  Even the food stylists would be impressed.  The salad comes with a bed of that leaf-lettuce that is so hip right now.  Chopped chicken and bacon are mixed in with corn, tomato and shredded cheese.  Drizzle on some of the BBQ Ranch dressing and you will be one happy camper.  The dressing is special to the salad and is what gives this item its name.  It’s mostly BBQ but not straight BBQ sauce.  Somewhat tangy and sweet, more dressing than BBQ sauce. 

Check it out the next time you’re looking for fast food that’s fast but different!

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