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Two Jack In The Box Sandwich Reviews

Here are a pair of fast food non-burgers that might be interesting alternatives for your dining enjoyment the next time you find yourself near Jack In the Box:

jack in the box turkey bacon cheddar

First off, above, is the Turkey Bacon Cheddar Melt.  Note, I subbed out American cheese for Cheddar, but the sandwich looks the same either way.  This is a great option for those fans of the Denny’s Super Bird that might like something similar to go.  In addition to the aforementioned turkey, bacon and cheese, the sandwich comes adorned in some sort of spicy dressing that seems to be a chipotle-mayo type spread.  Not sure exactly what it was but it made the sandwich taste juicy and great.

jack in the box sourdough chicken club

Another option is the Sourdough Chicken Club.  You can see the pretty moist chicken breast peeking out next to the bacon.  There is also lettuce and tomato, making this a Chicken Club constructed the same way as the competition.  My friend Troy had this and liked it a lot.  He said it was quite tasty and flavorful.  I’ll have to check it out and provide some comments as well.

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