Quite possibly, the greatest chili burger on the planet. Tommy’s has been pleasing residents of Los Angeles and Orange Counties for decades. It has become an institution almost purely by word of mouth. No TV ads, no radio promotions. Tommy’s has always focused on what makes it great: chili burgers, chili dogs, chili tamales and fries (with or without chili.)

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For the uninitiated, Tommy’s will come as quite a shock. The menu is simple and the prices include sales tax (a great idea). All burgers come with chili unless otherwise stated. The cheese is tasty. The tomatoes are huge. Extra pickles? Extra onions? No problem. No extra charge.


If you are a tourist, be very careful when looking for a Tommy’s. There are countless imitators, all offering “world famous chili burgers” and often changing the spelling of their names to avoid legal entanglements. The real Tommy’s will always have a red sign with an image of the original “shack”, the first store which was an outdoor stand. 

A tip about the “combo” menu. Unlike other major fast food chains, ordering a combo by number (like a “Number 1”) does not save you money. The food is just grouped together at regular price for your “ordering convenience.” -RB

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