Time To Change

When did cashiers in America stop counting your change back to you? Is it just another repercussion of the digital age? There are many reasons why I still appreciate it when a cashier takes the time to count my change back to me. Tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar:

The cashier screws up entering the amount tendered (that’s what I give them) and then gets a stricken look on their face as they try to mentally calculate what my change is supposed to be. Or even worse, they spend an extra couple of minutes either voiding and re-ringing the sale or trying to make an adjustment on the register. Worse still is when they have to call the manager to help them. Yes, this has all happened to me.

And what’s up with handing you your paper change and then pouring the coins on top? Why not give me the coins first so they will fit neatly in my cupped hand?! If you were counting the change out loud, you would automatically give the coins back first (to make an even dollar) and then count back the paper. This really sucks in drive-thru’s when your change goes spilling out all over the driveway! Aarrgg!


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