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The Curious Case of A Possible Burger Fi Clone

Long time readers of Fast Food Source might recall a review we did in March 2014 of a new premium burger category chain called BurgerFi. This Florida-based chain has been slowly expanding, including opening some locations in my backyard in the greater Phoenix area.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I decided to check out a “local” burger joint in Scottsdale under the name Burger n’ Fries and started to really look at the restaurant.

Here’s Burger n’ Fries’ sign:

burger n fries

And here’s BurgerFi’s:

 burgerfi storefront

Hmm. Want more?

Both restaurants have open-air layouts, meaning their store faces open in large sliding glass panels to become a sort of indoor/outdoor dining experience. I can’t say for sure that all BurgerFi’s have this, but the one pictured above did and I thought that was an eerie similarity.

Both restaurants serve gourmet, premium burgers, fries, and onion rings. However, I will say that the actual food does seem a bit different. Whereas BurgerFi’s burger seemed big and hearty (and had the signature bun branding):


The one at Burger n’ Fries seemed a bit small and underwhelming:

burger n fries 

But WAIT. What did I just now notice when comparing these two pics? A logo’d wax paper liner with little quotables in Courier font. OK, that is way too much of a coincidence.

So I asked the guy who looked like the manager (he was directing a Coke machine repairman) casually if his restaurant was at all related to BurgerFi. He said no but that others had asked him that. I pointed out that his logo, look and feel, and menu were strikingly similar. I could not tell if he knew this and just didn’t want to acknowledge it or he didn’t know. Either way, he didn’t act fazed by my asking. I dropped it and went back to my meal.

Here is how the fries and onion rings look at Burger n’ Fries:

burger n fries

Not bad, but not a wow either. I would say the serving was generous and they were tasty. The fries were very similar to the ones at BurgerFi, pictured below. However, the onion rings, as you can see, are a beer batter style at BurgerFi and a basic batter at Burger n’ Fries.


So I have no conclusion to draw other than something strange is going on. If Burger n’ Fries is not a former BurgerFi location (and why wouldn’t the manager admit that if it were true) then I have to wonder how a small single-unit restaurant in Arizona could develop such a similar dining experience to that of a growing fast food chain. Would the average patron be confused? Perhaps, but I doubt it. 

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