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The Arby-Q Satisfies Your BBQ Craving

It’s been so long since I had an Arby-Q that I completely forgot what they are like.  The Arby-Q is a basic Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich smothered in BBQ sauce.  It’s as simple as that.

arbys arby-q

arbys arby-q

OK, that may look unappetizing, but who really examines a BBQ sandwich?  Maybe you check if there isn’t enough BBQ sauce.  But that isn’t a problem here, as my sandwich came drenched in sweet and tangy Arby’s BBQ sauce.  Still, while it satisfied a craving, I am surprised Arby’s hasn’t experimented a bit more with this flavor by adding some of their new onion rings or maybe some garden toppings.  There is an untapped BBQ taste experience waiting here!

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