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Texas’ Torchy’s Tacos is Food Truck Gourmet in a Fast Food Restaurant

torchys tacos

On a recent trip to Dallas, a friend took me to try a local fast food taco joint, Torchy’s Tacos. Torchy’s is a small fast food chain of about 30 stores and started life out of a food truck. They specialize in elaborate, gourmet tacos with far flung names like “The Republican” and “Mr. Pink.” They’re even bold enough to call a scrambled egg taco the “Dirty Sanchez.” Yeah, they’re kooky like that.

torchys tacos

You order at the counter and get a number, they bring the food to your table. Soft drinks are mostly independent brands. For my first time, I opted for two tacos: The “Trailer Park” which consists of fried chicken, green chiles, lettuce, pico, and cheese on a flour tortilla. I could’ve opted to get it “trashy” which would’ve removed the lettuce and added queso, but I ordered a side of their famous queso and chips so I took the Trailer Park as it came. The other taco was their Taco of the Month: The “Washingtonian.” That taco is pulled smoked pork, grilled onions, Chipotle BBQ sauce, jack cheese, pickles, sour cream (I removed), and avocado. Also served on a flour tortilla. That’s it pictured above. The Trailer Park is pictured below.

torchys tacos

I found both tacos to be delightful and full of flavor. They’re a lot going on in these tacos. At $2-$4.50 or so each, they don’t really break the bank either. The Trailer Park was really good, although without the sour cream it was a bit on the dry side. To be fair, it’s hard to keep fried chicken juicy, so it was pretty much what I could expect and, as I said, really good.

The Washingtonian was unique. I’ve had BBQ pork on a taco before and it’s always a unique taste sensation. Their addition of pickles was a twist and this taco went down easy.

torchys tacos

As I mentioned, they are somewhat “famous” for their queso so, of course, I had to try it. It comes in a little skillet with a dollop of hot sauce and fresh, warm chips. The queso was smooth and flavorful without being runny. Went great with the chips and, yeah, I dipped my Trailer Park into it to see what that was about. Yep, good there too.

Torchy’s is only in Texas, but they are in a number of cities and well worth a visit if you want something quick and unique from a taco joint. For locations and more information, check out their website.

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