Take A Calculator To Lunch

Being the fast food fanatic that I am, I often find myself computing the price differences in my head for ordering my lunch piecemeal and through various combos and promotions. This might sound a bit fussy and even a***-retentive (term omitted due to unappetizing nature), but everybody has their pet peeve, I always say.

The idea for this article formed today while I was enjoying a delightful repast at a local Wienerschnitzel restaurant here in Southern California. They are currently running a promo (and have been for months) for their “chili cheese dog and chili cheeseburger for $2”. I asked the manager at the counter (the staff really pitches in at Wienerschnitzel) whether ordering the special and then the fries and drink ala carte was the same price or cheaper than ordering the No. 5 combo. She answered, with supreme confidence that befits a fast food manager, that there was, in fact, no difference. I promptly ordered the No. 5 for simplicity.

This is where the really picky part of the story comes in. While eating lunch, I reviewed my receipt and the menu board and tried in vain to figure out how the two different ways of ordering would come out even. In my estimation, the ala carte method would’ve saved me 41 cents (plus tax) over the combo’s $4.79 price. To the surprise of nobody that really knows me, I went up to the manager (after eating – can’t stand cold fries) and asked what I missed. I was very polite, and to her credit, she was too. She said they just raised the price of the cheeseburger and, while the price change is reflected in the combo, the $2 special remained intact. I was, therefore, right all along. Not to toot my own horn. Just doing my duty.

So this leads to my conclusion that it might start making sense to take a calculator when eating out. The myriad mixture of pricing configurations between combos, meals, packs, individual orders, super size/upgrades, etc. is enough to make anyone too dizzy to eat. My mantra is: don’t let them rush you and don’t take their word for it. Do your homework and you, too, could be a fast food fuss-budget!


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