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Taco Bell Says 88% Beef

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In response to a class action lawsuit filed by a single individual in California claiming Taco Bell’s meat is only 35% real beef, Taco Bell responded with a volley of media announcements as well as this You Tube response from the company’s president:

{qtube vid:=ah05FEWcJWM}

In a statement on the company’s website, Taco Bell said “The lawsuit is bogus and filled with completely inaccurate facts.”  The statement went on to say “The lawyers got their facts wrong. We take this attack on our quality very seriously and plan to take legal action against them for making false statements about our products.”

Fast Food Source will follow this story as it develops.  Meanwhile, Taco Bell, I love you but how about taking the opportunity in the spotlight to announce some unique menu items with unique quality ingredients, rather than parading out a Beef Crunch Burrito that gets its crunch from FRITO’S?!

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