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Taco Bell For Catholics

taco bell

Normally when I see any religion-related sign in a restaurant the most common one is “kosher.”  So imagine my surprise when I walked into Taco Bell and saw not one but two signs targeting Catholics during the season of Lent.

taco bell for lent

I know the phone shot is a bit grainy, but it says “Tasty Choices During Lent!  We’ll make any menu item without meat upon request.”

When you think of it, I am sure any restaurant would do the same thing – I mean you could have a meatless Big Mac if you wanted (ack!)  And you may already know the story that Roy Kroc came up with the Filet O’ Fish at McDonald’s for those who chose not to eat meat on Lenten Fridays.  Also, Lent is the reason most restaurants (sit down, not fast food) default to clam chowder as their Friday soup of the day.  But hat’s off to Taco Bell for stepping up and actually putting an ad together.  Amen Taco Bell.  Amen!

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