Someburros’ Named Best Burrito?

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Someburros, a Phoenix-area local Mexican chain, was recently featured in Arizona Restaurant Week’s first-ever Burrito Bracket 2014.  From the label on the front door, you’d think they have the best burrito, right?

someburros best burrito

Well, according to the Arizona Restaurant Week website, Someburros “beat out tough competition from some of the most revered locales with its simple and delicious Breakfast Burrito.”  Now doesn’t that make the sticker above feel a bit misleading?  Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE Someburros fan.  And I happily order their Chicken Burro, Enchilada Style, almost weekly.  But would it have killed them to have been a bit more accurate in their promo?  

It’s still an achievement, Someburros.  Don’t sell yourself short.

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