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Six Dollar Burgers Now With Extra Irony


When Carl’s Jr. rolled out their Six Dollar Burgers in the mid ’90’s they marketed them as the same burger that would cost you about $6 at a sit down restaurant (like Chili’s). And the name was catchy because these big, bountiful burgers only set you back about three bucks. But as with everything else, the price of these burgers continued to creep up toward their namesake. In fact, the new Kentucky Bourbon Burger made its debut at a $5 price point.


Granted, the value for what I don’t deny is a quality burger has stayed consistent relative to the counterparts at Chili’s, TGI Fridays, et al. But maybe it’s time for Carl’s to start thinking about rebranding these. Honestly, when Carl’s acquired Hardees, I expected back then that the $4+ Six Dollar Burgers might take on the east coast chain’s “Thickburger” moniker. But nope, still Six Dollar Burgers. Which, if we stay this course, will soon carry the same marketing punch as advertising “The Dollar Forty-Nine Fries.”

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