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Schlotzsky’s Turkey Bacon Club Review

schlotzskys turkey bacon club

The Schlotzsky’s Turkey Bacon Club sandwich is supposed to come with sliced turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo on sourdough bread. As you will see below, mine didn’t quite turn out that way.

schlotzskys turkey bacon club

schlotzskys turkey bacon club

What’s missing? WHERE’S THE BACON. Boo. Very disappointing to get home and find a plain old turkey sandwich, drenched in mayo and missing the best ingredient. Maybe the extra mayo was meant to make up for the lack of bacon. What can I say? the sandwich was fine as far as what was there. The bread is fresh-baked and soft, making a large sandwich that rivals a burger in size. 

But I would’ve still liked some bacon.

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