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Rubio’s Tilapia Taco and Shrimp Taco Review

rubios shrimp taco

For you seafood lovers, here’s a review of the Salsa Verde Shrimp taco and the Blackened Regal Springs Tilapia taco from Rubio’s. Not being a seafood lover, I enlisted my wife to give them a try.

rubios fish taco wrappers

The Salsa Verde Shrimp taco, pictured at the top, comes with sliced avocado, cheese, chipotle sauce, cabbage and a dry cilantro/onion garnish on flour tortilla. The tortilla was fluffy and the contents were generously packed. It’s nice that Rubio’s didn’t skimp on the avocado, which added to the flavor. A few lemon and lime wedges that I brought home from the salsa bar helped dress it up but it was juicy and flavorful on its own.

rubios tilapia

My wife asked for the Regal Springs Tilapia taco to be prepared blackened, and Rubio’s was happy to oblige. This, too, was tasty and although blackened it was not dry. The taco comes with cilantro jalapeno slaw, salsa fresca and chipotle sauce.

There are plenty of other seafood options, including the Original Fish Taco made with Alaska Pollack and beer-battered. We didn’t try that on this visit but, with roughly two-thirds of the menu devoted to seafood options, fish lovers who also happen to be Mexican food lovers should be satisfied.

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