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portillos bbq chicken salad

If you’re in a part of the country where you have a Portillo’s handy you may think of them as the place to get a good beef sandwich or a Chicago-style hot dog. But they’ve got an extensive menu and have been ramping up their offerings in the fresh salad department. Let’s take a look at a couple of the offerings: the Chipotle BBQ and the Fresh Berry & Toasted Almond salads, both with chicken.

portillos bbq chicken salad

portillos bbq chicken salad

The Chipotle BBQ Chicken Salad is LOADED. According to the website you get “Tuscan spring mix and chopped romaine lettuce with grilled chicken breast, diced tomatoes, shredded cheese, green onions, black beans, and corn, topped with crunchy tortilla pieces and our sweet homemade barbeque sauce. Chipotle ranch dressing served on the side.” I don’t remember getting any Chipotle ranch dressing – or if I did I sure didn’t need it. This salad was plenty busy without it. The BBQ sauce is sweet and tangy and the tortilla strips have a mildly-spicy seasoning. Not a fan of the funky lettuce though.

portillos bbq chicken salad

The Fresh Berry & Toasted Almond Salad seemed like a “girly” salad to me. My wife liked it. Again, from the website: “Tuscan Spring mix, chopped romaine lettuce, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, toasted almonds, and grilled chicken. A light raspberry vinaigrette dressing is served on the side.” She reported it was sweet and flavorful – a lot of juicy berries kept the salad from getting too dry at the bottom.

562 calories for the BBQ (probably less since I didn’t have the ranch) and 414 for the Berry salad. Both very admirable for a fast food meal.

These two salads join a half dozen others to give you more choices when you go out with the family. Let those who want hot dogs get hot dogs and those who want salads get salads. Everyone will come out a winner.

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