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Portillo’s Chili Cheese Dog Review

portillos chili cheese dog

Let’s check out the chili cheese dog from Portillo’s. This Chicago-based fast food chain is known for their sliced beef, burgers, and, of course, Chicago-style hot dogs. But near the top of their specialty hot dog menu is a must-have for any serious hot dog restaurant: the chili cheese dog.

portillos chili cheese dog

My hot dog arrived on one of Portillo’s yummy steamed poppy seed buns. As you can see, it’s the standard-sized frank loaded with chili, cheese, and chopped onions. The chili has beans in it, so those of you expecting a purely meat-based chili might be surprised. But the overall taste was salty and savory, with the chili giving the dog heft. Coupled with a side of onion rings (I think I like their fries better) it was a meal. No need for a second dog.

Price-wise, the chili cheese dog comes in at $3.50, a slight premium over the standard dog which is currently $2.85. As I said, one will do, so this is really not an expensive meal. With my side and drink the total was about eight bucks.

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