Popeye’s Handcrafted Tenders Review

popeyes tenders

Nothing beats the taste of Popeye’s spicy fried chicken. Crispy, crunchy, spicy but not torture. Delicious. So, since I like the chicken pieces so much I wanted to give their chicken strips, aka Handcrafted Tenders, a try.

popeyes tenders

I ordered the three piece with a side of corn on the cob and a drink and then added another side of coleslaw as it didn’t feel like the one side would make a meal. The chicken strips are thick and meaty and the seasoned battered coating is substantial. 

popeyes tenders

Of course, you also get one of their buttermilk biscuits so this really turned into a good-sized meal. I enjoyed the strips straight from the box – dipping them in honey mustard seemed like a waste and the dip distracted from the taste I expect from Popeye’s. This, in itself, is a pretty big shift for my usual chicken tender eating experience as I have grown accustomed to dipping the strips in some sort of sauce to jazz up the taste. That’s just not necessary here, which is nice and makes the chicken that much more special.

The corn side was tasty too, with a light buttery coating and the standard wooden stick for eating pleasure. The coleslaw is sweet and creamy, although not generously portioned. Finishing off the meal with the buttermilk biscuit left me completely satisfied. I am not sure how people make it through the larger 5 Tender version!

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