Pioneer Chicken

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Author Recommends: 2 piece basket with fries

Quite possibly the greatest fried chicken on any known planet, this once-great chain has been reduced to a total of five individually owned stores. Although the fried chicken landscape is now dominated by the likes of KFC, Popeye’s, and Church’s, ask anyone who remembers Pioneer and I’d bet they have only fond memories of the chain.

pioneer2Visiting one of these restaurants today is like going back in time. The decor, furniture, signs, and even the corn on the cob leisurely rotating in the little “carousel of butter” are a testament to a time when people didn’t worry about such things as “cholesterol” or “light menus.” In fact, the restaurant might very well have been sent through a time warp, emerging intact, albeit a little sun-faded, in present day.

What makes Pioneer so great is, of course, the chicken. “Golden” is a term that should be reserved pioneer 3exclusively for the look and feel of this chicken. Order the 2-piece chicken in a basket with fries to get a great taste of what Pioneer has to offer.

Obviously, because of the fact that the chain is really five independent stores, the prices and menu selection will vary. Many “un-Pioneer” items will creep onto the menu, but Pioneer purists will stick to chicken (and the chicken may even stick to you!) -RB

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