mcdonalds fries dfw

The Perfect Fry at an Airport?

Feast your eyes on the most perfectly prepared McDonald’s fries I have had in ages. Where did I find such wonderful, golden brown, crispy delight? At DFW airport in Terminal C. Wow. I probably hit it just right, but they were ON THEIR GAME that day. Outstanding.

carls jr dollar western bacon cheeseburger

I Wouldn’t Mind if Carl’s Jr. Brought Back Western Wednesdays

Over the early part of the summer Carl’s Jr. was doing something crazy. They offered the Western Bacon Cheeseburger for $1 on Wednesdays. The deal ran through the end of July, but it was incredible. You could buy up to four at the price and no additional purchase was required. Carl’s Jr. seems to recognize the toll that their ever-increasing menu prices are having on the everyday consumer. In addition to this special, the popular $5 All Star meals and a number of other rotating special prices (e.g. the California Classic) are giving guests at least a couple of affordable alternatives to their bigger ticket items. Insert applause.

mcdonalds mcgold

Win McDonald’s for Life

One lucky winner can get the McGold Card and get free McDonald’s food for the next 50 years. The contest, running from now through August 24, 2018, has a single prize: lifetime McDonald’s, paid out as $1000 credit on the McDonald’s app and a check for $51,000. The check covers food costs of $35,400 and the anticipated tax on the prize of $15,600 (nice). You get one entry every time you use the McDonald’s mobile order and pay app. But no purchase is necessary and you can send an email once per day to enter.  Details on the contest as well as instructions for manual entry can be found here.

arbys pecan chicken salad

Arby’s Pecan Chicken Salad Review

arbys pecan chicken salad

Arby’s has rolled out three new Market Fresh sandwiches: the Pecan Chicken Salad, Turkey Avocado Club and Ultimate BLT. While long time readers of Fast Food Source may expect me to go straight for the BLT, I opted instead for the Pecan Chicken Salad. And I was not disappointed.

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wienerschnitzel 57 cent anniversary hot dogs

57-cent Hot Dogs at Wienerschnitzel on July 10

To celebrate their 57th anniversary, Wienerschnitzel is offering 57-cent Original Mustard or Chili dogs on Tuesday, July 10 from 11am until 8pm. There is a limit of 10 per transaction. Hooray for Wienerschnitzel! Find your nearest location >

carls jr slider all star meal

Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s Charbroiled Slider All Star Meal Review

carls jr slider all star meal

With the introduction of sliders to the Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s menu there is now an additional All Star meal. We previously reviewed the All Star meals and found them to be a decent deal at a fast food restaurant known recently for it’s ever-increasing menu prices. Of the now five All Star Meals, the Chicken Tender one is still the best deal and the best, nutritionally. But the sliders do offer a nice alternative to one of the burger-based choices.

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del taco logo

Del Taco Platos are now 2 for $10

For a limited time, Del Taco’s “Platos” dinner combos are now 2 for $10. A pretty good deal over the $7.49 individual price they were at rollout, provided you need two.  Read our original review here and try them for yourself!