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McDonald’s Monopoly: One in a Million? Nope. Way More

Who reads the fine print?  Well, what do you think the odds are of coming across the $1 million instant-win game piece on the Big Mac box you order?  According to the official rules, approximately one in 37,955,000.  OK, so lottery odds.  I can live with that.

But what do you think the odds are of finding both blue $1 million game pieces (Park Place and Boardwalk?)  I admit I was shocked when I saw this number:  approximately one in 3,050,412,898.  That’s over 3 billion with a “B”.  Just surfing the web, I founds lots of other unlikely things that are way more likely than this.  You are over three hundred times more likely to become president of the U.S.  And you are about eighteen times more likely to win a multi-state mega lottery than find both blue pieces.  Even the odds of living to age 116 are only one in 2 billion.

It seems you are more likely to have just about anything else happen to you than come across both blue game pieces.  And even if you went to some crazy great lengths to find the two pieces, the prize is only a million bucks, paid out in $50,000 annual installments.  It almost makes the lottery look like a piece of cake.

One thing less likely than winning this game?  Getting killed by a piece of falling space debris or a meteor.  That’s 1 in 5 billion.

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