Mcdonlads Fast Food Review 2020

McDonalds food review 2020


mcdonalds chicken nuggets

Chicken Nuggets

big maccheese burger

  • Chicken nuggets: I like them because they’re crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Also I love to eat them with honey or buffalo sauce (7/10)
  • Fries: McDonalds fries are my favorite because I like salty fries and they’re thin and crisp. (10/10)
  • Crispy buttermilk chicken: love this chicken sandwich because it’s tender and crispy. And I like the buns (7/10)
  • Big Mac: Big Mac is a classic. It’s a simple go to cheeseburger sandwich. It has bread in the middle, but I don’t really care for it (7/10)
  • Hot n spicy: this is from the dollar menu, and it’s a nice spicy chicken sandwich. It’s a simple sandwich, not enough to probably fill someone up, but it’s definitely good (7/10)
  • Cheeseburger: this is also from the dollar menu so it’s affordable. It’s a simple Burger but it’s overall good. (7/10)


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Mcdonalds food review
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