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Author Recommends: Big Mac

It’s difficult to say something about McDonald’s that hasn’t been said a thousand times before. Instead, let’s use this article as a sort of list of recommended do’s and don’ts that we’d like to see McDonald’s follow:

-Do keep putting your Big Mac in the cardboard container. Rare is it that form follows function so beautifully in a fast food package.
-Do keep offering dollar menu items and other specials.
-Do put your soda machines out in the dining area so we don’t have to wait in line for a refill.
-Do keep up the quality customer service when someone registers a complaint. McDonald’s has one of the best fast food websites and a very courteous customer service department.

-Don’t charge extra for BBQ or other sauce packets. It is beneath you.
-Don’t sell 3 different sized value meals. Get rid of the middle one. It’s too confusing.
-Don’t give up on trying to make a good chicken sandwich. You’ll get it right one of these days. -RB

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