McDonald’s New Improved Premium Chicken Better But Still Not Great

Back in January 2011, I posted this review observing that McDonald’s simply doesn’t appear to put a lot of thought or care into making a good chicken sandwich.

Tonight I walked into the same McDonald’s in Crystal City Virginia where January’s sandwich was encountered to find that they are now advertising “New” premium chicken sandwiches.  Now, since the McDonald’s website doesn’t seem to be promoting an upgraded line-up, my curiosity was piqued.

mcdonalds chicken

The “improvements” seem to be in a new bun that promises 8g of whole grains.  Other than that, I did not see or taste much that had changed in the last six months.  Below is a reminder of what that old sandwich looked like:

mcdonalds old premium sandwich

The new sandwich had the same ingredients, stacked in basically the same order.  The meat was not flavorful, the tomato lonely and thin, and the only component that could be described as “juicy” had to be the gob of mayo on the bun.

mcdonalds premium chicken contents

I can’t even blame the particular location.  Just compare McDonald’s own press picture for their chicken sandwich with my personal favorite from Carl’s Jr.  Both are grilled (charbroiled in Carl’s case) and have bacon, swiss, lettuce, tomato and mayo:

mcdonalds-carls jr chicken

Just look at the two sandwiches and tell me which one YOU’D want to eat.  If McDonald’s own food stylists can’t make their sandwich look as attractive as the competition’s in a controlled environment, how do they ever expect to compete?  Maybe they don’t want to.  I don’t know, but I do know that, for chicken sandwiches, McDonald’s will not be first to come to mind.

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