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McDonald’s Europe Part 5: Italy

In this, our fifth stop on the fast food European McDonald’s tour, we visit scenic and inviting Italy.  Like Spain, France, Greece, and Croatia before, Italy offered a pleasing mix of new treats and familiar favorites.

It’s funny to see the mix of English and local language and how sometimes they just make stuff “fit”.  For instance, here’s the “CBO” again.  But only the “B” for bacon actually matches the word in Italian.  But the locals still love it, after all, “E tornato il mix perfetto!”

Checking the main menu:

At this point there’s nothing new for you seasoned travelers who have been on this journey with me.  But wait, what about the “Il Mac” advertised above?  My wife bought one, and here is what it looks like:

She reports the sandwich as bland and quite dry.  The heavy duty bun was interesting but did not add to the flavor or the experience.  I thought it was too funky looking so I got my old standby:

mcdonald's italy

Ahh, even thousands of miles from home this tasted like I hoped.  MMM.  And look at the careful assembly!  And while I am happy, let’s check the Happy Meals:

It’s a party for the Italian kids on this festive menu board.  Hey look!  It’s “McToast” once more.  And the veggie of choice is baby carrots, which are so exciting they are jumping out of their container.

On the “whaaa?” menu, I present:

Fried shrimp living in harmony along side a plate of “McNuggets”.  Wow, very progressive.  And speaking of progressive, lots of European cities had the full McCafe coffee houses inside, but none served up tea in real cups and saucers:

I hope you enjoyed touring with me through the McDonald’s of Europe!


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