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McDonald’s Europe Part 1: Spain


Following my recent European vacation itinerary, I first encountered a foreign McDonald’s in Barcelona, Spain.  I shouldn’t say “foreign” though, as I was the foreigner of course.  Now first off, I have to say NO, I did not eat McDonald’s in every city.  But I did “bookend” my trip with a tasty fast food meal here in Spain and then at the end of my trip in Italy.

barcelona main menu

The main menu, or “McMenu”, displayed some familiar favorites.  The Big Mac and Quarter Pounder (or Quart de Lilliura) and a twist for you Pulp Fiction fans, a “McRoyal Deluxe”.  But also on the menu were some unique items:

  • The CBO, or Chicken, Bacon and Onion sandwich.  The CBO is all over Europe, and will make another appearance in a subsequent article.
  • The NY Crispy.  Yes, NY stands for New York.  I had this sandwich and will review in a moment.
  • McPollastre – Chicken sandwich
  • McBacon – Rivaling the CBO as the winner for best sandwich title that says what’s on the sandwich.

What can you get for 1 euro?  All the standard stuff.  A burger, cheeseburger, small fries, and small soft serve are all standard American fare.  But they also have a Chicken BBQ Burger and 6 Anelles de ceba, aka onion rings.  Wow, onion rings at McDonald’s.  Come to think of it, they were very big on onions, what with the CBO and NY Crispy.  I also like the “Con Kit Kat” which was a soft serve cone with a Kit Kat candy bar stuck in it.

The NY Crispy is a BBQ bacon cheeseburger with fried onion bits, lettuce, tomato and mayo.  I ordered one, and here is what I got:

This was a tasty sandwich, as it should be with all the stuff on it.  Still, I was not “wowed” by it and don’t think it would become a regular staple should it be offered stateside.

And because no visit to McDonald’s is complete without checking out the Happy Meals, here’s the menu for little Spanish kids:


Hmm.  Hey kids, don’t want fries?  How about Happy Cherritos?  Those are cherry tomatoes.  Or those Patates Deluxe, which seem to be some sort of wedge cut potato.  I like the “Chicken Roll” too, it reminds me of a Hot Pocket.

Well, that’s it for Spain.  We gotta keep this tour movin’.  Next stop, France.  Check back next week for another post.

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