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McDonald’s Tokyo Food Review

Here are some food items I enjoyed during some recent meals at McDonald’s in Tokyo. The first is the tried and true Big Mac. Look at this beautiful assembly! Picture-perfect.

mcdonalds tokyo food

Wow, that is textbook assembly. And the presentation of the entire meal, below, was equally nice:

mcdonalds tokyo

mcdonalds tokyo

The Chicken McNuggets seemed thicker and more meaty than their U.S. counterparts. See for yourself in the closeup below. Or maybe it was just my imagination.

mcdonalds tokyo

mcdonalds tokyo

There was a promotion for a low cost burger with some local seasoning called the Yakki burger that included a short 4-D movie that played in theaters. Moviegoers were also treated to a coupon to try the Yakki. I didn’t try this though.

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