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McDonald’s Special Sauce Giveaway

mcdonalds special sauce giveaway promo

Last Thursday, McDonald’s did a one-day promotion giving away bottles of Special Sauce. The event was limited to 10,000 bottles nationwide. With just 150 bottles at one restaurant near my home in Phoenix, I had to rush to check it out. The one participating restaurant in all of Phoenix was downtown and gave away 75 bottles at 11:30am and another 75 at 12:30pm. To get a bottle, you had to say the special phrase “There’s a Big Mac for that,” which ties in with the promotion of the new Grand Mac and Mac Jr. fast food burgers.

mcdonalds special sauce giveaway promo

I arrived at about 11:20, and this is what I encountered. They had a table outside the doors on the other side of the building and the line wrapped around the front of the store and across the driveway onto the sidewalk. With anxiety, I counted heads. It was gonna be close.

mcdonalds special sauce giveaway promo

Hard to see in this pic but there were a handful of bottles left as I approached the table. Soon I would learn that I missed the first giveaway by three people! If it wasn’t for my helping my neighbor catch her stray dog that morning I would’ve been 10 minutes earlier. Oh well. The two other “losers” in front of me ending up not wanting to wait for the 12:30 round which left me first in line for the next batch.

A local radio station was there with the typical onsite promos. A McDonald’s employee was giving out fries to people at the back of the line earlier. Lots of people were standing around and it was a festive, albeit small, event. Everyone in line that I spoke with was there for the novelty of getting the Special Sauce in a bottle but nobody seemed to have any plans for what they’d do with it.

mcdonalds special sauce giveaway promo

Success. Bottle 3183. I, too, now have the same minor dilemma. What do I do with a bottle of Special Sauce? Lots of people are offering them up on eBay, some at ridiculous prices ($10,000) but the winning bids seem to be in the $75-$80 range. Still, not sure it’s worth the hassle to package it up with some sort of cold pack and sell it. It’s more valuable as a story. And on a homemade burger, of course.

Another thought: These were bottled by McCormick, which makes me think McDonald’s is testing the viability of bottling Special Sauce for supermarkets. If so, that’d really make those who plunk down eBay money feel foolish. It will be interesting to see if McDonald’s joins the ranks of Taco Bell and other restaurant chains in putting their brand onto store shelves. Time will tell. 

What would you do with a bottle of Special Sauce?

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