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McDonald’s Singapore’s Classic Cheese with Angus Beef Review

mcdonalds singapore classic cheese angus

McDonald’s Singapore has a small line-up of premium fast food burgers and sandwiches they call the Signature Collection. Here, we’re taking a look at the flagship burger in this preimum menu, the Classic Cheese with Angus Beef.

mcdonalds singapore classic collection

Here’s how the burger is described on the McDonald’s Singapore website: “An aromatic glazed bun with a juicy Angus beef patty, layered with Colby cheese, caramelised grilled onions, chicken bacon, tomato jalapeño relish, and creamy garlic aioli sauce.” I knew nothing about this description from the picture in the restaurant but gave it a try.

mcdonalds singapore classic cheese and angus

The cool black box makes you feel like something premium is truly in store. And the sandwich didn’t disappoint. This is basically a souped-up Quarter Pounder. The two sauces on this sandwich, the relish and the aioli, go really well together and provide a unique flavor not found before on a McDonald’s burger. It was savory, tangy, sweet, and a little spicy – all at the same time.

mcdonalds singapore classic cheese and angus beef wrapper

There was a nice wrapper around the burger, and while they could’ve thrown some lettuce on here otherwise it was a winner. 

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