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McDonald’s Sauce Celebration

mcdonalds sauces

At a recent visit to McDonald’s I saw that they were promoting their sauces on a counter-top placemat. The two new sauces caught my eye and I asked for samples.

mcdonalds sauces

Arriving with the regular lineup of Spicy Buffalo (not spicy), Tangy BBQ (ok, sure), Sweet n’ Sour, Honey Mustard, Creamy Ranch, and Hot Mustard (my fave) are Sriracha Mac Sauce and Signature Sauce.

Sriracha Mac Sauce is pretty much what it sounds like: an ever-so-slightly spicy/sweet kick added to McDonald’s proprietary Special Sauce. It’s fine, but I will wait for the traditional Mac sauce to come in a packet before I get excited. This one’s not even listed on the website so I’m not sure but maybe I tried one of the only packets ever made. The McDonald’s website also lists Habanero Ranch Sauce and Honey as sauce options, by the way.

mcdonalds sauces

The Signature Sauce is the least descriptive name I think they could’ve come up with. It’s described by McDonald’s as being “sweet and tangy” but that’s pretty much the definition of all their sauces. Think of it as sort of a ranch/vinegar/spice blend. Creamy and probably goes well on both their burgers and chicken sandwiches.

I know McDonald’s can be stingy about giving out their sauces, depending upon the location and the mood of the individual manager or operator. In any case, it’s worth giving your favorite menu items a new lease on life with one of these sauces.

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