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McDonald’s Montreal and Third Pound BBQ Angus Review

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Here are some pics from a recent trip to Montreal. The McDonald’s menu has a French vibe, but is really unique. Unlike my 2010 and 2013 trips to France, the Montreal McDonald’s has a trimmed down menu. Could be partly because this particular location is in the Underground part of downtown, where everything is more food-court than full restaurant. Still, lots of interesting items on the menu.

mcdonalds menu montreal

Sorry for the blurriness. It was really tough being discreet in such a crowded place. Aside from the standard Big Mac and Quarter Pounder, you can see they have a Quarter Pounder BLT, Chicken McNuggets, a fried chicken sandwich (MacPoulet) and grilled chicken (Sandwich au poulet McBistro) and the McWrap.

mcdonalds montreal

They had these crazy loaded fries too. Hard to make out in the picture, but this is basically a bowl of fries with buffalo chicken strips and cheese sprinkled on top. The caption translates as “Spice up your routine.” And speaking of wow, check out the gigantic THIRD POUND Angus burger on the right. I had to try this.

mcdonalds montreal

The combo comes with its own custom box. This is a third pound patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, fried onions, and BBQ sauce spread on the heel.

mcdonalds montreal

The sandwich is meant to be messy, so they add a convenient bit of wax paper to hold it. Happiness. It was tasty. But as is often the case with McDonald’s specialty burgers even in the States, this one was dry. It could have used more BBQ sauce. As you can see, I did ask for a side of BBQ but the stuff in the packet is not the same as the spread. The sauce on the burger is a bit more tangy and spicier.

And I did get a chance to check out another non-food court McDonald’s too. Similar menu, although this one also offered the Double Big Mac. I haven’t seen this sandwich in a long time!

mcdonalds montreal

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