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McDonald’s Mighty Wings Review

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My family is from Buffalo, NY, so naturally they all wanted to give McDonald’s new Mighty Wings a try.  Both my mom and my sister really like them, but yesterday is the first chance I got to order them.  For the review, read on…

mcdonalds mighty wings

Like most fast food chicken strips, these wings come in two order sizes, 3pc and 5pc.  There is also a larger 10pc family size.  Opening the box, you are greeted to something highly unusual for McDonald’s:  bone-in chicken pieces.

mcdonalds mighty wings

The chicken comes out-of-the-box with a slightly-spicy seasoning which makes these wings enjoyable without dipping.  Both my wife and I thought the chicken, without adding any sauce, reminded us of the hot and spicy KFC chicken.  The wings are crispy and golden brown, just what you would want from fried chicken.

I added the buffalo sauce and found the whole experience tasty.  We didn’t find the wings comparable to true buffalo wings, but they stand on their own as a tasty snack.  Nutritionally, the 5pc wings are similar in scale to a Big Mac in terms of calories, calories from fat, fat grams, cholesterol and sodium (480, 230, 31, 145, 1450 for the wings vs. 550, 260, 29, 75, 970 for the Big Mac.)

With all “for a limited time” deals at McDonald’s, you have to be cautious about getting too excited about making this a must-eat meal.  But if these become a permanent staple, it would be nice to have another fried chicken fast food option.

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