McDonald’s Homestyle Quarter Pounder Review

mcdonalds homestyle quarter pounder

During a recent trip to Dallas I tried a burger that isn’t nationwide: The Homestyle Quarter Pounder. It arrived in this fun cowboy wrapper shown above. This is your basic Quarter Pounder mod, and we’ve reviewed plenty of them in the past as McDonald’s loves to play with toppings on their mid-sized staple.

mcdonalds homestyle quarter pounder

The assembly is straightforward: A Quarter Pounder sesame seed bun heel with meat, lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles and drizzled with “homestyle burger sauce.” Note: NO CHEESE.

mcdonalds homestyle quarter pounder

Like the other Quarter Pounder experiments, this fast food hamburger suffers the same flaw: a lack of anything below the patty. No sauce, no toppings on the bottom. It makes the sandwich dry-tasting as the first things to hit your tongue are the bread and meat. The sauce is basically a tangy mustard vinegar type sauce. I liked that the burger did taste like something a bit more homemade than you normally get from McDonald’s, but I certainly wasn’t wow’d by it. My advice – skip it.

By the way, if you find yourself in Dallas and you want to take my advice by skipping this burger, you may be interested to know that Dallas is a pilot market for the Big Mac variants that are returning for another round. Remember the old Double Mac and Junior Mac? Well now you get the Grand Mac and the Mac Jr. The Grand is bigger all around and adds up to 1/3 lb of beef. It’s different from the old Double Mac in that the old one simply doubled up on the original Mac patties while the Grand gets new larger patties all its own. Oh, and an extra slice of cheese.

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