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McDonald’s Grilled Chicken and Bacon McWrap Review

mcdonalds chicken bacon mcwrap

Back in 2013 we reviewed the fried chicken version of the McDonald’s Premium Chicken and Bacon McWrap fast food “sandwich.” Back then, we were quite pleased with the taste and generous portions offered. In addition, the quality of the ingredients seemed high.

Flash forward to 2015, we wanted to see if the sandwich stood the test of time. So this time, I ordered the grilled chicken version.

mcdonalds chicken bacon mcwrap

Still arriving in the same funky Hot Pocket-style tear-away box, my McWrap was excellent. The chicken and a big slab of bacon were sticking out of the front of the wrap in what can only be described as the closest resemblance to the food stylist promotional picture of any food item I have ever ordered!

 mcdonalds chicken and bacon mcwrap

A little blurry, but here is what the contents looked like when the McWrap was, um, unwrapped:

mcdonalds chicken and bacon mcwrap

Gloriously packed with tasty items, the McWrap is a bit of a cross between a grilled chicken salad and a sandwich. For a fast food premium menu item, I think people would feel pretty good about enjoying this. 490 calories, 19g fat, 41g carbs, 31g protein, and 1540mg sodium. Yeah, the fat grams come largely from the cheese and the “creamy garlic sauce.” All in all, not terrible nutrition-wise and tasty enough to make you forget you are eating cucumbers at McDonald’s!

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