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McDonald’s Grand Mac Review

mcdonalds grand mac

They advertise the Grand Mac as requiring two hands and that was truth in advertising. The latest in the new Mac trifecta (along with the regular Big Mac and new Mac Jr. sandwiches) is nothing short of gigantic. But it’s not so much big in height as in diameter, and that is where I think it’s an improvement over previous experiments at adding meat to the Big Mac.

mcdonalds grand mac

McDonald’s tried, and failed, to introduce a bigger Big Mac in the States a few years ago with the Double Mac, which simply doubled up on the same meat patties (four total) on the same sandwich base. What it ended up doing was screwing up the meat:condiment ratio. They still have it in Canada, if you want to see what it looks like.

The new Grand Mac weighs in at 1/3lb. of beef on two larger diameter patties that have roughly the same thickness as the original. That is important as it maintains the integrity of the meat:condiment ratio in every bite. Adding a little to the condiment side is an additional slice of cheese, but I think that is largely to cover the entire sandwich since the bun is much wider than a single cheese slice. Otherwise, the sandwich is essentially the same as it’s original, smaller sibling. Here’s how they stack up nutritionally:

  Calories Fat (g) Cholesterol (mg) Sodium (mg)
Big Mac 540 28 80 950
Grand Mac 860 52 140 1470

 As you can see, it’s a bigger sandwich all around. And it definitely filled me up. Where the Big Mac sometimes leaves me craving a little something more, this one did not. And it’s a lot messier. I found the larger bun to be unwieldy and ended up with enough lettuce in the box afterward to make a side salad.

Bottom line: If you love the taste of a Big Mac but often choose something else because you’re really hungry, give this one a try. Otherwise, stick to the old favorite.

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