McDonald’s Geneva Chicken Bacon Sandwich Review

mcdonalds chicken bacon geneva

What do you think would be on a McDonald’s fast food sandwich called the “Chicken Bacon?” Um, maybe some chicken and some bacon? Well, you’d be half right. The sandwich, found in Geneva, is a fried chicken breast, lettuce and cheese but only a “bacon” sauce. Plus, what I received (above) only loosely resembles the pic the food stylists offer (below, from the kiosk menu screen).

mcdonalds geneva chicken bacon

The sandwich is part of the chain’s “Big Bang” menu of specialty sandwiches that pack some punch with flavor. Well the sandwich was flavorful and the sauce helped relieve the sandwich from the typical dryness that is a staple of McDonald’s (and many other) chicken sandwiches.

mcdonalds chicken bacon geneva

The shot below shows you the guts of this fast food sandwich. Disregarding the sloppy assembly, you can see that this is a pretty basic sandwich. The sauce was loaded and the cheese was unnecessary. Actually, what this sandwich needed in the cheese department would be a slice of Swiss. That shouldn’t be too hard to find in Geneva, right?

mcdonalds chicken bacon geneva

All in all the sandwich was fine, serviceable for lunch, but nothing special.

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