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McDonald’s Fancy Quarter Pounder Review

mcdonald's quarter pounder

I tried one of the new “plussed” Quarter Pounders at McDonald’s the other day.  These new versions of an old favorite come in three flavors:  Bacon Habanero Ranch, Bacon and Cheese, and Deluxe.  Here, I take the Bacon and Cheese version out for a test drive, but it was advertised in the restaurant as the Quarter Pounder BLT, which is a better name, I think:

mcdonald's quarter pounder

I found the burger to be overall very pleasing.  The big slabs of bacon went well with the thicker meat of the QP.  Lettuce, tomato and a chunk of fancy onion rounded out the sandwich, which was delivered on a sturdy premium bun.

mcdonald's quarter pounder

I wonder if these will sell better than the Angus burgers.  They’ve got to be about the same size and weight.  Perhaps the clout of using a familiar name will help these to become a staple on the McDonald’s menu.

If you’re craving a bigger burger but tired of the old thing, give one of these a spin.

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