McDonald’s Easy Pickin’s Quiz

mcdonalds easy pickins

Hey, McDonald’s owes me some free fries. I never claimed this ticket from 1980’s Easy Pickin’s quiz game. As you can see above, you scratch to reveal the question then select from one of four multiple-choice answers. Then if you win, select one bar to scratch for a prize. I won fries. I guess I could scratch the other five boxes but I kind of like the mystery.

The other fun thing about this card is the $2 discount off soundtracks for Smokey and the Bandit 2 or Xanadu at the Wherehouse. Man, that brings back memories. 

Back to the game, here’s the TV commercial from the Easy Pickin’s game, featuring Slim Pickens. This whole thing must’ve been dreamt up during a lazy week in McDonald’s marketing department. Way to phone it in, guys.


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