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McDonald’s Dubai

mcdonalds dubai

I love Dubai.  Very friendly to westerners.  Plus, fast food fans need not do without as many of the popular chains are represented.  Checking out the McDonald’s in the Dubai Mall next door to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa.  Let’s take a look at what they have to offer:

mcdonalds dubai

mcdonalds dubai

The core roster is similar, although logically for a Muslim country they are light on beef items.  Also, the heavy Indian population also skews away from beef products.  Still, the first four were beef:

  1. Big Mac
  2. Big Tasty
  3. Quarter Pounder with Cheese
  4. McRoyale
  5. Chicken Big Mac
  6. McChicken
  7. Spicy McChicken
  8. McArabia (not shown, but a plate of middle eastern bread and meat)
  9. Grand Chicken Classic
  10. Grand Chicken Deluxe
  11. Grand Chicken Special
  12. 6pc Chicken McNuggets
  13. Filet-O-Fish
  14. Veggie Burger
  15. Double Cheeseburger (below – hey, one more beef item!)

mcdonalds dubai

mcdonalds dubai

Very hard to make out on the McSavers menu above, but the second item is the McAloo Tikki.  This is a potato burger very popular in India.

mcdonalds dubai

Lastly, here is something for “a limited time offer”: The French.  What the heck kind of meat is that?  I think it is beef, just a strange picture.  Actually, it is somewhat of a running local joke here in Dubai that McDonald’s has been rolling out a different “International” burger each month.  Before The French was The Mexican, and there have been others.

Here’s a link to the McDonald’s UAE website with more menu items here.

And here’s a commercial for the McAloo Tikki:


My friend Jerry tried the McAloo Tikki.  It looks really small in these shots but he said it was about the size of the regular hamburger:


Jerry described it as “potato with peas, spicy sauce, onions, and a slice of tomato” and said it wasn’t bad.

And now, the standard Big Mac beauty shots.  Looks a lot like China, and France, and Spain, and …

In any language, I’m loving it!

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