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McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse Review

mcdonalds bacon clubhouse

McDonald’s is pulling out all the stops in making the new Bacon Clubhouse sandwiches feel at home.  Aside from the liberal advertising, the burger and chicken sandwiches take over their bags and get their own custom boxes.  It is enough to make you think the Bacon Clubhouse is here to stay.

mcdonalds bacon clubhouse

Following the pattern of other recent premium menu offerings, McDonald’s is offering the Bacon Clubhouse as either a quarter-pound burger or grilled chicken sandwich.  Both sandwiches come dressed in grilled onions, thick strips of bacon, Special Sauce (wow), lettuce, tomato, and white cheddar cheese.  They sit on a new “artisan” bun.

mcdonalds bacon clubhouse

mcdonalds bacon clubhouse

The burger variety is eerily similar to the Quarter Pounder Deluxe reviewed last September.  However, the addition of Special Sauce and grilled onions are welcome, as is the pliable but sturdy artisan bun.  

I found the McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse burger to be tasty, with a salty and savory taste one would expect from a meat-and-bacon-centered sandwich.  The assembly order has the Special Sauce on the top and bottom, but my order didn’t have enough to really stand out.  I was craving a Big Mac when I ordered this and the burger, while hearty, didn’t satisfy that craving (even with the Special Sauce).  Eating it upside down so that my tongue encountered more of the toppings before the meat helped taste the garden and condiments.

All in all, the Bacon Clubhouse is a great sandwich and one to try.  However, I just can’t help but not get excited about this.  So many premium burgers have come and gone at McDonald’s lately that it’s really hard to fall in love with something that could be fleeting.

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