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McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse (Chicken Version) Review

mcdonalds chicken bacon clubhouse

We previously reviewed the beef version of McDonald’s Bacon Clubhouse line of sandwiches. These are premium sandwiches with leaf lettuce, tomato, Special Sauce (yes, Big Mac sauce) and grilled onions plus the aforementioned bacon and your choice of beef, grilled- or fried-chicken.

Here is the chicken version. McDonald’s has been plagued by the same challenge as other fast food restaurants in delivering

a decent chicken sandwich. However, the Chicken Bacon Clubhouse goes the farthest in satisfying my craving for a quality fast food burger alternative.

mcdonalds chicken bacon clubhouse

Like the burger version, this sandwich is hearty and flavorful. The Special Sauce is an interesting choice. Swiss cheese and grilled onions also go a long way toward making this sandwich taste decidedly “un-McDonald’s.” Not that there is anything wrong with McD as regular readers will know. But for those who frequent the Golden Arches and might want something different, this is a worthwhile sandwich. I’d even recommend it over the burger version just for its sheer uniqueness in the chicken sandwich space. 

Comparing it with what we here at Fast Food Source consider the gold standard in fast food chicken sandwiches, the Carl’s Jr. Charbroiled Chicken Club, McDonald’s valiant efforts still fall short of that excellent burger. After all, it’s tough to beat the juicy, smokey taste that comes from charbroiling a chicken breast.

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