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McDonald’s Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich Review

mcdonalds artisan grilled chicken sandwich

I don’t know why I let McDonald’s trick me into trying their chicken sandwiches. They are always a disappointment to me (see here and here.) Take the new Artisan Grilled Chicken sandwich as the latest example of how McDonald’s simply cannot make a decent chicken sandwich to save their lives.

mcdonalds artisan chicken sandwich

I would blame myself for the blurry picture, but the sandwich tasted blurry as well. It was bland, boring, and uninspired. The fast food chain describes the chicken sandwich as “100% grilled chicken breast filet seasoned to perfection with ingredients like salt, garlic and parsley – seared in our kitchens, no preservatives added. Crisp leaf lettuce, fresh tomato, and a vinaigrette dressing. All atop our delectable artisan roll.”

Reread that description and pay attention to what is physically on this sandwich. Chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, and dressing. That’s it. No cheese. No bacon. No onions. Blah. Here are the guts:

mcdonalds artisan chicken

It tastes like it looks. A basic chicken breast sandwich on a bun. Nutritionally, 360 calories, 6g fat, 43g carbs, and 930mg sodium. The big draw here, if there is one, is a major McDonald’s fast food sandwich under 8g of fat. If you’re looking for that, go for it. If you’re looking for a great tasting grilled chicken sandwich, keep looking. Or take the nutritional hit and enjoy the superior Premium Grilled Chicken and Bacon McWrap we reviewed last week.

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