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Jack’s New Pastami Tastes Deli-cious

I had the opportunity over the weekend to try out the new Pastrami Grilled Sandwich at Jack in the Box.  Nice work Jack, you’ve successfully brought a traditional deli favorite to the drive-thru crowd.

jack pastrami wrapper

The sizable wrapper suggests this is no ordinary fast food sandwich.  Unwrapped, we encounter a pastrami sandwich the way God intended it to be:  Seasoned beef pastrami on grilled sourdough (yes, rye bread would’ve been more traditional but Jack makes do with what Jack’s got).  Deli mustard.  Swiss cheese.  Big-ass sandwich pickles.  Cut in half, thank you very much.

My only beef (wink) was with the amount of meat.  The bread was made for something more, and a true deli stacker would’ve had the pastrami piled high.  Of course, this, plus the aforementioned substitution of sourdough for rye, are concessions one must make for a $3.99 fast food sandwich.  But these are minor quibbles in an otherwise outstanding offering, and a great alternative for the “I’m tired of burgers and chicken” crowd.

Here’s hoping this “limited time only” treat will make it onto the permanent menu.

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